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My practice is introspective, engaging with themes of the uncanny, double states of being and memory. It aims to embody those abstract feelings, thoughts and memories that cannot be verbalised. The work requires a patient, slow encounter gradually unveiling itself before the viewer, aiming for viewers to disconnect from the daily hassle and be brought into the present moment. Stop, observe and listen. 

Guided by intuition and the malleability of the material my work explores and challenges the mutation of images, thoughts and objects as they undergo the transition between the original, a memory, its reconstruction into a physical form and another memory in someone else’s mind, deformed by time, experience and the physical restrictions of their recreation.

I experiment with a variety of media including painting, audio, video, physical and digital sculpture, making pieces on the line between the familiar and strange and restrict myself to a washed out, pastel color palette, playing on elements of cuteness to suggest vulnerability, frailty and nakedness.​ I am particularly interested in affect and perception – both my own of my experiences and the viewers’ of my work - and the extent to which said perception can be manipulated and expectations disrupted. 

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